Magical Twilight Episode 01 Subbed

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Magical Twilight

Type: TV Status: Uncensored Genre: , ,
Tsukasa Tachibana was living a normal, if depressing, life with college entrance exams to study for and no girlfriend to speak of. But his world is turned upside-down and on its side with the arrival of three girls from faraway Magic Kingdoms: Chipple, who wants his love; Irene, who wants his body; and Liv, who wants his life. These girls are looking to pass their own school exams, though their success may be hazardous to Tsukasa's health. Later, two's company becomes a crowd of three on a hot springs getaway, and as if that weren't enough, the lonely widowed inn manager and her rebellious daughter find their way into Tsukasa's life. Meanwhile, the witches continue their ...
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Magical Twilight Episode 01 Subbed

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